Plant futures (2023)

Annelie Berner in collaboration with Monika Seyfried

Photo: Anna Autio
Photo: Anna Autio

When we discuss and visualise climate change, we often focus on how seas rise, how heat increases, how these will impact our cities, agriculture, jobs, lifestyle. Yet one of the overlooked elements of our daily lives, peace of mind and joy are the non-human beings who accompany us - the birch trees, cattail grasses, ferns and moss (here in the North). How might they change in the futures? What new companions will live among us instead? In this project, we seek to use techniques of hand drawing, collage and data visualisation to communicate a local story of change.

Together with local partners, Annelie Berner and Monika Seyfried will investigate the most populous plants in the local region. How do they show they flourish? What do they need to live? They will create a visualisation of their current system (what comes in, how does the plant respond). And will use near and far future projections of the local region's climate in order to generate new inputs for the plants and identify possible future plant inhabitants.

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