ISSS Indonesia Space Science Society / HONF Foundation


Since 2024


MJ I / 840, RT 46 , RW 10

Gedong Kiwo

55142 Yogyakarta


ISSS – Indonesia Space Science Society, was founded in 2015 by Venzha Christ as a framework for the exploration of space from the perspective of citizens. ISSS is a specific institution from HONF Foundation (est. 1999) that specifically focus on Astronomy, Space Science, Space Exploration and Space Art.

Working with artists, scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists in Indonesia, Venzha Christ established ISSS as a framework for the exploration of space from a different perspective, providing a compelling encounter with space through its focus on Space Science and Space Exploration research, and active collaborations with more than forty institutions and universities in this field worldwide. Recent projects include Simulation of Human Isolation, Research for Antarctica-based Space Engineering – SHIRASE (2019); MARS Desert Research Station – MDRS (2018); Resident Researcher at IMeRA - Institute for Advance Study (2017); and the exhibition NASA – A Human Adventure (2016).

Through its projects, the ISSS attempts to uncover space as a continuous source of inspiration that compels practitioners from all disciplines to understand the universe we are within, using both tools and ideas of science, and those of art.

ISSS also initiated a new special project called VMARS (v.u.f.o.c Mars Analogue Research Station), is a first Mars Analog initiative in South East Asia for Space Science and Space Exploration enthusiasts globally.