POCHEN Biennale


Since 2022


Reichenhainer Straße 1

09111 Chemnitz


POCHEN addresses transformation: as a multimedia symposium and media art biennale, POCHEN has been tackling topics significant to contemporary history in collaboration with civil society since 2018. The outcome: a comprehensive, participatory design process that provokes public engagement and culminates in a co-productive exhibition in 2022. POCHEN is based on three essential pillars: presentation, participation and cooperation.

Over the past four years, POCHEN has had an intensive impact on urban society. In cooperation with more than 20 European and national project partners and over 60 international artists, contemporary historical topics such as the social legacy of Wismut and the history of the impact of the Treuhandanstalt were examined. 2022, the program focuses on the topic of data literacy.