Since 2019


Via Giuseppe Pisanelli 4

00196 Rome


Arshake is a cutting edge publishing and artistic project that explores art and technology on both practical and technical terms. Online since 2013, bridges many things: institutions and underground, past and present, information and production, analogic and digital, tradition and innovation, research and trend. Art, as an empathic instrument, plants its roots in technology in a backwards journey that investigates its origins and meaning in the world. The gradual acquisition of awareness allows for the possibility of controlling and ‘reinventing’ it in modern terms. The preferred instrument here is the recounting and experiencing of art in its encounter with disciplines as disparate as architecture, design, fashion and sound, as well as mathematics, physics and philosophy. As a platform, Arshake has being partner of VideoBrasil, Arebyte, media partner of Sonar + D (2016-1017), ART*SCIENCE (2018), Insight magazine, the European platform EMARE (2019 – ongoing) and it has been involved in a series of editorial projects in collaboration with a variety of institutions, such as Terna Prize, Romaeuropa Festival, and Fine Ars Academy in Rome.