ACC (National Asian Culture Center)


Since 2024


38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu

61487 Gwangju

South Korea

National Asian Culture Center (ACC) is an international arts and cultural exchange organization that produces new, future-oriented results through the convergence of Asia’s past and present arts and culture with innovative ideas and beliefs. Having the context of artistically sublimating the significance of the May 18th Democratic Movement’s human rights and peace as its point of departure, the ACC, which opened in November 2015, is a Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism–affiliated institution established for the advancement of mutual understanding and cooperative growth with different Asian countries through exchange, education, research, and other efforts with regard to Asian culture.

The ACC plays the role of an integrated platform for participants from Asia and the rest of the world to freely unite and exchange their ideas while transcending boundaries in carrying out the steps of research, creation, and production. At the ACC, diverse and dynamic programs (exhibitions, performances, education, festivals, and other events) using collected research data, resources, etc., are held year-round with the creative output of experts from various fields who have exchanged their creativity and ingenuity with one another.