NeMe Arts Centre


Since 2022


NeMe Arts Centre

Corner of Ellados and Enoseos streets

3603 Limassol


NeMe is a non profit, Cyprus registered cultural NGO founded in November 2004. With a main focus on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts, NeMe has been promoting socially responsible, and engaged, critical practices within the cultural communities, both locally and internationally.
The NeMe Arts Centre which opened in 2014 in Limassol, is a curated space with a special interest in critical practices using digital media, intermedia, experimental, and emerging art forms that challenge traditional borders between creative and scholarly approaches to social change, the environment, the infosphere, and marginalised communities. NeMe's programme includes curated exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, conferences, seminars, artist talks, and lectures. The aim is to facilitate networks of exchange between cultural practitioners, researchers, organisations, and institutions operating both in Cyprus and abroad in order to encourage a broad interdisciplinary and intercultural critical discourse that engages with the urgent debates of our time. Our dedication to open and collaborative methodologies has introduced new ideas to local audiences, and provided opportunities to many artists and academics. NeMe's open access publishing ethos, promotes the interdisciplinary nature of our projects and provides additional context to the ideas behind them. Since 2008, NeMe has been running a residency space, located in the historical centre of Limassol, that enables and fosters artists and researchers to develop their ideas.



Rosemary Lee in collaboration with Alexia Achilleos


Paul O´Neill in collaboration with Frank Sweeney


Rosa Menkman


Rosa Menkman in collaboration with Marios Isaakidis, Pandelis Diamantides, Taietzel Ticalos