MIRA Digital Arts Festival


Since 2020


Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20

08030 Barcelona


MIRA is a digital arts festival based on exhibition, dissemination and education, is held annually in Barcelona (since 2011) and has held two editions in Berlin (2016 and 2018). Focused on the intersection between arts and digital culture, the festival features a programme comprised of audiovisual shows in both traditional and fulldome formats, digital art installations, screenings, conferences and workshops.MIRA wants to bring the audience closer to several realms of artistic creativity through an event with two main objectives: to function as a platform for new creators as well as a showcase for world-renowned artists and to create unique immersive experiences through digital and technological innovation and the interlacing of live music and visuals.MIRA promotes artistic collaborations and boosts the creation of new projects, supporting the relationships between collectives, associations and artists from the fields of digital arts and technology. The associative and non-profit nature of the organisation, aided by the participation of volunteers, guarantees that the results are reinvested in promoting digital culture in a sustainable way.