Since 2023


Punta della Misericordia, F.ta dell’Abazia, Corte Nuova 3561

30121 Venice


Pase is a cultural organization dedicated to research, experimentation, and the dissemination of art, music, and sound through contemporary languages. Founded in 2011 by Victor Nebbiolo di Castri and Valeria Zane, Pase began its journey driven by a strong need for self-education, organizing research activities, masterclasses, workshops, and performances related to contemporary music and art. Over the years, Pase has had the opportunity to work alongside artists and productions from various fields connected to the world of art and music, taking care of curatorial and communication aspects and integrating all stages of production and organization.

The mission and institutional purposes of the Pase Cultural Association are to promote the creation and education of music and visual arts in the social context and in the field of artistic and scientific research, with the aim of increasing and spreading knowledge of music and artistic culture through live practice and interaction with entities, associations, and institutions dedicated to cultural activities and more.