Da Lab Foundation


Since 2020


Ul. Serdika 4

1000 Sofia


DA LAB Foundation was founded in 2018 in Sofia as a virtual lab for digital arts. Its founders are Dr. Venelin Shurelov (artist, scenograph and university teacher), Galina Dimitrova-Dimova (curator and theorist) and media artist Antoni Raijekov. DA LAB Foundation is an independent platform for an interdisciplinary experiment in contemporary art theory by bringing together science, new technologies and several disciplines like visual arts, sound arts, contemporary theatre, dance, performance and interaktive formats integrating the audience. Our mission is to develop and popularize artist practices in the fields of interactive arts, net art, robots, elektronics for artists, video art, video mapping, interactive AV systems, visual coding, sound and sonic art, sound design, gaming and application programming, software art, VR, AR, new hybrid fields like genetic art, bioart and transumanism as well as the publication and translation of theoretic works and researches.
An important accent in our mission we put on syncronizing processes in Bulgaria with contemporary tendencies in digital arts worldwide as we are partners with mutual initiatives with international research centres, media labs tech institutes, university and academic programmes.
DA LAB Foundation is focused on a commonly accessible knowledge exchange by the means of semniars and presentations of successful projects by bulgarian and foreign artists who work in the fiels of digital art.