TodaysArt Festival 


Since 2020


Weimarstraat 1E

2562GM The Hague


TodaysArt is a cultural production agency, specialized in creating groundbreaking experiences that unite art and technology. Over the past 15 years, TodaysArt has been a catalyst for innovation and creativity, presenting the best in contemporary audio-visual and immersive art. Based in The Hague, The Netherlands, TodaysArt’s activities comprise an annual festival, an artist-lab and a number of creative projects.

Since 2002, TodaysArt has built up an impressive profile, commissioning productions that set new benchmarks in the fields of audio-visual and immersive art, through direct relationships with today’s leading artists and creative technologists.

TodaysArt is committed to progressing cultural innovation. As a member of four Creative Europe projects, and with partnerships in Europe and Asia, TodaysArt is consistently involved in international projects, bringing pioneering talent to local audiences across the world.