Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Arts Innovation


Since 2023


Yliopistokatu 9

90570 Oulu


The Centre for Arts Innovation (CAI) was established in 2022 at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland to undertake innovative, cross-sectoral testing of and training with new technologies in order to transform practice and advance new forms of artistic content creation, especially in live arts. The CAI has regional, national and international goals - At the regional level, the aim of the CAI is to act as a hub and facilitator for collaboration among Oulu region stakeholders involved in art and technology activities, especially as these relate to the Oulu 2026 European Capital of Culture programme. In Finland, the CAI hosts projects and events targeting interdisciplinary experimentation between existing communities of practice in arts, innovation and technology such as during the AVARA event held every November. At the international level, the CAI works to support world-class, live arts co-design through the expansion of collaborations, residencies and networks between Finnish and international artists and creative technologists.