HAMACA. moving image platform


Since 2022


Carrer Emilia Coranty, 8-18

08018 Barcelona


HAMACA is a platform for archiving, disseminating, and learning about contemporary audiovisual practices which articulate a wide network of cultural agents in the field of visual arts and experimental audiovisuals.

Constituted as a non-profit association, HAMACA’s mission focuses on preserving, distributing, supporting the production, and promoting video works and culture produced in Spain, within a national and international scope.

Rooted in the interaction between video practices, uses of the media, and political research, the platform is committed to an expanded ecology of the medium, inhabiting open-source strategies towards a democratization of the archive (www.hamacaonline.net/titles) Created in 2005 as a distributor, it compiles around 1.200 works, the most representative productions from late 1960 till today.

HAMACA looks after audiovisual heritage and its public transmission. Therefore, HAMACA highlights the video medium as a tool of construction of the collective imaginary, committed with a transfeminist, decolonial and anti-fascist situated knowledge.

Finally, HAMACA seeks to generate an economic flow for artists, defending and contributing to fair remuneration and the professionalization of the contemporary audiovisual practices in the Spanish context.