Since 2024


C/Viciana, 5

46003 Valencia


Founded in 2015 by the artist Solimán López, the Hardiskmuseum is a unique art repository that answers the questions arising from the new temporal codes of humanity, artistic production and cultural heritage.
Conceived as a tribute to the digital files that are the essence of the new media, the Harddiskmuseum becomes a turning device for the contemporary thinking.
Based on a 2 Terabyte hard disk, the Museum tries to draw a confusing line between the figure of the artist, the culture management, the knowledge society, memory, the art system and the combination of new exhibition models, cooperative, innovative and thought-provoking.
The Museum is also the first art repository stored in DNA in 2019 and is including the artwork of more than 140 (2023).
The Museum was published in parallel to the Manifesto Intangible wrote by his founder.