Hexagone Scène Nationale


Since 2023


24 rue des Aiguinards

38240 Meylan


Hexagone Scène Nationale is a multidisciplinary theatre based in Meylan (France). In addition to its missions of artistic production and presentation, it has also developed since 2002 a research activity. Hexagone has thus created in 2007 the Atelier Arts Sciences, a common research and creativity platform shared with French research centre, CEA Grenoble. It provides a framework for prolific meetings between arts and sciences, allows the benchmarking of experiences and points of view, and encourages questioning and imagination to enrich respective working methods. Since 2007, the Atelier Arts Sciences team has coordinated more than fifty residencies combining art and science, facilitating the invention of novel devices for stage performances, and conceiving connected objects, texts, interactive exhibitions, and stage performances. The Atelier Arts Sciences has pioneered an art and science exhibition, EXPERIMENTA the Fair, which provides insight into on-going projects, in addition to further projects coming from European and International partners.