Since 2023


Plaza de la Independencia 5

28001 Madrid


ONKAOS is a contemporary art platform that champions new media artistic experimentation within Colección SOLO based in Madrid, Spain. Our mission is to support and nurture artists who are looking to open up new pathways in the contemporary art world, with a particular focus on digital art. We operate in traditional spaces as well as emerging digital ones.

Building on the experience of Colección SOLO, an international contemporary art collection with over 1,000 artworks, ONKAOS will act as a new outpost within our ecosystem, providing groundbreaking connections between artists, collectors, and visitors. ONKAOS embraces a wide variety of roles, including the curation of exhibitions, representation of our artists at international festivals and consolidated institutions, their public communication, the connection with collectors, the creation of awards, the commission of works, and als backing for artistic experimentation.