Nová synagóga Žilina


Since 2020

A nice view from above

J. M. Hurbana 220/11

01001 Žilina


Completed in 1931, the Synagogue of Neologs in the historical centre of Žilina is one of the most important buildings in Slovakia to have been built in the modern style. It is the only work in Slovakia designed by renowned and progressive German architect Peter Behrens. It served the local Jewish community for less than two decades before the tragic World Wall II., after which it housed concert and theatre hall, university and cinema. Since 1963 it has been a national cultural monument. The reconstruction and restoration started in 2011 and in 2017 the space re-opened. Our intention is not only restored Behrens’ landmark, but also new life in it. The aim is to create an exhibition space for contemporary art and other cultural activities with international dimension. Institution with quality curatorial programs and a clear profile that will combine the production of exhibitions and intellectual discourse with other local community activities.