Athens Digital Arts Festival


Since 2024


7 Flemigk Str.

143 42 Athens


The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an annual international gathering of artists, scientists, and technologists celebrating digital culture by exploring the interconnections between art, science, and technology. ADAF creates cutting-edge experiences that reflect on cultural transformation and its impact on our contemporary daily life, as well as our future relationship with technology. ADAF’s versatile program constantly broadens its network and cultivates bridges with creators, festivals, universities, and institutions, with the aim of acting as a contemporary art platform that connects local and international audiences to digital culture.

ADAF showcases contemporary digital art forms from a diverse global community and has been representing Greece internationally in digital arts since 2005 and is the first institution of its kind to be established in the region. ADAF currently features the following 12 categories: Video Art, Animation, Web Art, Digital Image, Interactive Installations, Games, VR/AR/XR, Performance, Talks Workshops, Music and a special category dedicated to children and parents, ADAF KIDS. ADAF also specializes on events using cutting edge technologies including, AR applications, 360° experiences / immersive experiences, 3D Projection Mapping, Holograms, Light outdoor installations and AI artworks

ADAF creates engaging educational programs for both adults and children including interdisciplinary workshops, talks and master classes. In addition to the core festival, ADAF actively supports educational opportunities all year round through scholarly discussions, partnerships with academic institutions, specifically designed seminars and courses, educational events, and parallel exhibitions.