Since 2023

Alida Sun,Birth, Death, and Other Vital Records, SOMA Berlin
Haku Sungho, MONO / KOTO, SOMA Berlin
Kyoco + Nico, Chimera - The Weather in Our Head, SOMA Berlin
Mio Okido, 1945-1989-2022, SOMA Berlin
Mohsen Hazari, Active Khom, SOMA Berlin

Eylauer Straße

10965 Berlin


SOMA is an independent contemporary art space in Berlin, founded in 2014 by journalist Nabi Nara. Dedicated to fostering collaborations among cultural professionals, artists, academics, and activists worldwide, SOMA focuses on art practices and topics often overlooked, including stories of women, diverse voices, and global periphery issues. Operating in the multicultural Kreuzberg neighbourhood, SOMA presents artworks connected to fundamental questions about humanity. SOMA Art Berlin is dedicated to establishing a resilient network that seamlessly connects visionaries and practitioners deeply engaged in the intersection of art, technology, and science. Through our initiative platform and curated physical events, we strategically foster networking and communication, cultivating a robust sense of community and collaboration. Emphasizing continuous improvement, we institute robust feedback mechanisms, actively seeking community input to refine both our collective intelligence platform and collaborative experiences. Our vibrant community prioritizes transparency in knowledge sharing, creating a culture of openness where insights flow seamlessly. This commitment to continuous enhancement underscores our dedication to cultivating an environment thriving on collective learning.