EMAP Partners benefit from a large and diverse international media art network and have the possibility to support the dissemination and presentation of EMAP co-productions. They can apply for presentation grants and can partake in online events, workshops or conferences organised by EMAP. In addition partners have access to the submission platform and artist pool, where they can search for suitable works and projects. Furthermore, they are part of the EMAP newsletter and social media agenda in which EMAP disseminates news from the media art context.

If you are a media or digital art institution and interested in becoming a partner, please contact us:

How to apply for EMAP Partner Presentation Grant:

EMAP awards annual presentation grants for the presentation / exhibition of EMAP works created since 2018. The amount of the grant between 1,000 and 2,000 Euros will depend on the character of the presentation (screening, talk, performance, exhibition), and the number of applications EMAP receive for a call.
Grants are primarily dedicated to support the expenses for the the travel, stay and fee for the artists, to be present at the presentation of the work in your event. In addition to this it can also be used for other expenses related to the presentation of the selected EMAP work.
Only partner organisations can apply for presentation grants. If you are not a partner yet but an art center/festival and interested being part of the EMAP community, please contact:

Application until: 15 November 2023
Jury Decision: 4 December 2023
Presentation period: January - December 2024

Apply by using this form: application-form_partner-presentation-grant-2024_new.pdf

Current Partners

Former Partners