In/Visible Cities Festival


Since 2023


Corso Italia 182

34170 Gorizia


In\Visible Cities is a performing arts festival organized by Associazione Quarantasettezeroquattro and dedicated to the languages of contemporary performance. The festival operates in the area of Gorizia and on the Italian-Slovenian border and offers a program interested in new dramaturgy, the promotion of an intermediary approach, digital languages and the cross-pollination of different forms of expression.

In\Visible Cities is an urban, open air and site-specific festival done "in visible cities": from squares to pedestrian streets, from public to private parks, from buildings of great historical-artistic value to abandoned areas, with the aim of enhancing and discovering territories through engaging art and performance experiences. Spaces that are not only used as stages, but enhanced as environments to be reactivated, discovered and questioned.

At the same time, the festival works "on invisible cities," on intangible historical and cultural heritage, enhancing past events, life stories and traditions to bring to light what is not immediately visible through different artistic and technological languages.