Shared Knowledge

In this section you can find all the results from EMAP conferences and workshops to share them with other culture organisations and artists with the aim to exchange and gain knowledge within the media art sector. If you have similar documents you want to share please contact:

Art as Attunement


WRO Art Center

WRO Art Center, Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis, So Kanno, Dasha Ilina, Rosa Menkman and Monika Masłoń

EMAP member WRO Art Center has dedicated its biennial with the title "Fungible Content" this year to the topics of exchange and mutual synergy effects. The EMAP Capacity Building workshop “Art as Attunement” focussed on practices and tactics relating to building Artist/Audience interconnectedness and was part of a cycle of meetings, Przewody Sztuki (the Art Wires).

This "Shared Knowledge" paper functions as a case study and lists the learnings that WRO was able to compile in the workshop with Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis, So Kanno, Dasha Ilina, Rosa Menkman and Monika Masłoń.

Capacity Building on Social Media for Cultural Institutions


Ars Electronica, SHAPE+, DECIDIM, Mauthausen Memorial, Dark Euphoria

This document is the result of an EMAP capacity building workshop on social media for cultural institutions and detailes different channels and practices used by cultural institutions and platforms, giving insight into best-practice cases of the following selected institutions: Dark Euphoria, Mauthausen Memorial, DECIDIM, SHAPE+ and Ars Electronica.

Hybrid Formats



Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, IMPAKT has seen an unprecedented boost of creativity from cultural institutions trying to engage their audiences online. Though a challenging time for this field, many lessons were learned and the many benefits of online events were uncovered along the way. With the current COVID reset and the cultural sector getting “back to normal”, institutions and professionals are now facing new challenges as they try to find effective ways to implement the advantages of online events with the familiarity of offline settings in hybrid setups. In the last few years, starting already before the outbreak of COVID, IMPAKT has dedicated resources for the exploration and invention of hybrid event formats that promote an easier, more accessible form of interaction for audiences that join events from different locations.

The Art of Collecting Media Art


Werkleitz - Centre Pompidou - ZKM - Alain Servais - Ivo Wessel

How do museums collect media art? Where do private collectors find potential exhibits? What challenges accompany new technologies in the collection and preservation of art? What role do current socio-political developments play for media art collections? And what is the effect of the increasing fusion of art and science?

Web communication


Konrad Renner

Graphic designer and professor at the art university in Hamburg Konrad Renner gives an insight into web communication. His input deals with visual strategies that critically and humorously question the relevance of digital communication, with rooms for action beyond smooth and unresisting surfaces and the question of which important social role cultural institutions can play.

Survival Guide for Audiovisual Artists


Werkleitz - Peter Zorn

The Survival Guide for Audiovisual Artists by Werkleitz Founder and EMAP manager Peter Zorn gives a first overview of strategies and funding instruments for emerging media artists working in the audiovisual sector in Europe.

Dynamic Online Events Formats


Arjon Dunnewind (Impakt), Veronika Liebl (Ars Electronica), Minna Tarkka (M-Cult), Agnese Baranova (RIXC), Lars Henrik Gass (Oberhausen International Short Film Festival)

In the Conference DYNAMIC ONLINE EVENT FORMATS organized by IMPAKT, the EMAP platform will present and discuss successful and inspiring models for the art events and conferences in online and hybrid formats, and invite a few organizations to present their work as best case practices. We will present a quick overview of the platforms and technologies available and the qualities and concerns that come with some of these platforms. The conference will discuss the options of audience participation, interactivity and moderation that some of the platforms have and how we can use the platforms to not only create live online art events but also ensure these events have a legacy and can become online archives and resources for information and inspiration.