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In this section we publish results from our conferences and workshops which we want to share with other culture organisations and artists. We hope this way we can exchange and gain knowledge within our sector. If you have similar documents you want to share please contact us.

Web communication



Konrad Renner, Minna Tarkka, Isabelle Carlier & Claire Guilloux

The Website Communication workshop organised by Werkleitz 29.1.2021 contained following inputs:

The Resistant Web - Konrad Renner, Metadata for web exploration - Minna Tarkka, director of M-Cult, Multiple Worlds Festival online - presented by Isabelle Carlier, director of Antre Peaux & Claire Guilloux

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The Resistant Web
Konrad Renner

Omnipresent digital forms today mix with artifacts of the past, forming a constantly branching network. We have become part of a fleeting visual cloud, with no clear reference points or connotations. Nevertheless, we accept the digital surfaces as something ubiquitous, as a natural tool and daily accompaniment in the communication of art and culture.
Against this background, the lecture deals with visual strategies that critically and humorously question the relevance of digital communication, with rooms for action beyond smooth and unresisting surfaces and the question of which important social role cultural institutions can play.

Konrad Renner works on the intersection of digital culture and graphic design. He collaborates since 2011 with Christoph Knoth in Berlin, Leipzig and the web. Based on a deep appreciation for technology and its visual echo, Konrad Renner's portfolio includes digital projects for artists like Simon Denny and !Mediengruppe Bitnik, publishers like Sternberg Press and Spector Books and cultural institutions like Kunsthalle Zurich and the German pavilion at the Venice art biennial in 2015.
Together with Christoph Knoth, he is a professor at the art university in Hamburg where they teach a class on digital graphic design.

Metadata for web exploration
Minna Tarkka, director of M-Cult

This talk makes a point for the use of quality metadata in designing websites. Embedded in taxonomies and ontologies and branching out to linked open data clouds, metadata provides conceptual architectures for web exploration. Metadata is especially relevant in describing a hybrid field such as media art - and it can activate users to discover relations and contexts.

Minna Tarkka is director of m-cult, Helsinki. As chair of the Finnish Media Art Network she is currently preparing a project to build a reference database and a special ontology for the media arts in Finland.

Multiple Worlds Festival online
presented by Isabelle Carlier, director of Antre Peaux & Claire Guilloux

How the last minute creation of the Multiple Worlds website allowed Antre Peaux to rethink its communication strategy in a global way.

Survival Guide for Audiovisual Artists



The Survival Guide for Audiovisual Artists by Werkleitz Founder and EMAP manager Peter Zorn gives a first overview of strategies and funding instruments for emerging media artists working in the audiovisual sector in Europe.

Dynamic Online Events Formats


Arjon Dunnewind (Impakt), Veronika Liebl (Ars Electronica), Minna Tarkka (M-Cult), Agnese Baranova (RIXC), Lars Henrik Gass (Oberhausen International Short Film Festival)

In the Conference DYNAMIC ONLINE EVENT FORMATS organized by IMPAKT, the EMAP platform will present and discuss successful and inspiring models for the art events and conferences in online and hybrid formats, and invite a few organizations to present their work as best case practices. We will present a quick overview of the platforms and technologies available and the qualities and concerns that come with some of these platforms. The conference will discuss the options of audience participation, interactivity and moderation that some of the platforms have and how we can use the platforms to not only create live online art events but also ensure these events have a legacy and can become online archives and resources for information and inspiration.