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Kersnikova Institute is a non-profit organisation and platform for the development, production, and presentation of contemporary investigative art projects and new models of non-formal learning. Kersnikova encapsulates an exhibition venue and three labs: Kapelica Gallery, the internationally renowned contemporary investigative art space, the hackerspace Rampa, where relations between art, technology, and society are being reconsidered, the inspirational wet-lab BioTehna, which focuses on the artistic investigation of living systems, and the Vivarium laboratory, where possible forms of coexistence among animals, fungi, plants, and robots are being explored. The artistic program of Kersnikova is a source for the investigative learning and mentorship program developed to instigate the potential within the youth.

Kersnikova’s team creates conditions and fosters valuable transdisciplinary interactions between individuals (artists, researchers, engineers, and other experts), and institutions (art organisations, research institutes, university labs…). A cluster of the in-house team, expert collaborators, and partners facilitate in-depth research needed for inspiring art projects, raise public awareness and stimulate intense debate on key and even uncomfortable themes related to technological and scientific advancement and its impact on society. Over twenty-five years of daily activities have resulted in hundreds of unforgettable artistic experiences, which have given the contemporaneity form and meaning. Kersnikova Institute is due to its strong programme focus one of the leading institutions for contemporary investigative art at the nexus of science and cutting edge technologies.



Vivien Roussel


Marisa Satsia in collaboration with Aisen Caro Chacin


Alizée Armet in collaboration with Jakob Grčman