Vivien Roussel

Vivien Roussel is a biodesigner and digital sculptor. He is working on a PhD in living materials engineering, design and biology at IFT Paris and the University of Nîmes (Projekt / UPR Chrome).

Roussel is interested in narratives that expose our links with technology, questioning modernity through the figure of Robinson Crusoe or 'social sculpture' through the co-creation of fab labs. To understand the productive 'world' of makers, he wandered around China in 2014. In recent years, inspired by techno-aesthetics, he has taken an interest in the living as a technological artefact. He develops biomaterials in the company of microbes and machines, rethinking the agencies between the living and the non-living in the age of biotechnologies and the Anthropocene...



Kersnikova Institute (Kapelica Gallery)