Cosmo metabolization (2024)

Vivien Roussel

The project explores the transformative power of entropy by metabolisms. Traditionally seen as disorder and decay, the waste heat from calculations is the concrete manifestation of the thermodynamic entropy that enables the development of living matter here - the entropy of life that combats disorder through self-organization.

Based on topological optimization algorithms, the sculpture-machine consumes electricity and transfer heating across the bioreactor to the microorganisms, transforming invisible energy to form by organic life. The form emerges from entropic equations and mathematical discoveries of the 'natural world'; it reminds us of arranged bones or tree branches. We have come full circle, from the mathematics of nature to Prigorin's chaos and physics: from the possibility of this type of life form on earth to (bio)mimetic... to the reaction-diffusion from the living matter development to the AI imagination "dream."