Institutio Media


Since 2023


Ausrines 16

08402 Vilnius


Institutio Media is a non-disciplinary art research organisation. It was designed in 1998 as an attempt to transfer an academic institution into the Internet and study its potentialities in the Web.

The aims of Institutio Media are encouraging creative experimentation, expanding artistic research, developing a platform for testing the ideas. In 2019 Institutio set up a biolab for non-disciplinary research providing an environment for experimentation and exchange at different levels.

Since 2014 Institutio media is actively engaged in organising DIY workshops in collaboration with local and international institutions and initiatives such as Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius University, TOP Association for the Promotion of Cultural Practice in Berlin. All these organisations work with emerging artists and often profit from research driven by Institutio media.