Beta Festival


Since 2023


Thomas Street 8

D08 TCV4 Dublin


Beta is a new festival of art and technology critically engaging with the impact of emerging technologies on society. Taking Ireland’s role as a central node in today's wired world as a starting point, Beta will showcase and celebrate Ireland’s research and artistic communities through a combination of creativity, debate and experimentation. Beta will allow members of the public to engage playfully and critically with new technologies essentially beta testing ethical issues facing society.

The festival is currently the only festival of its kind in Ireland for art and technology bringing together artists, researchers, and industry with a focus on ethics and public engagement. The recently published National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and National Digital Strategy highlight Ireland’s longstanding commitment to being a leader in innovation and research in digital technologies, platforms and infrastructures - a commitment that has seen so many international tech companies establish themselves within the country over the past two decades. With government plans to position Ireland as a leader in artificial intelligence and immersive technologies it has never been more important to engage the general public with the skills and literacy required to use new technologies, while critically situating them within wider societal contexts relevant to our contemporary networked world. The Arts Council plans to publish their Digital Art Policy this year and this has also highlighted the need for more opportunities for communities interested in art and technology to come together.