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Videonale e.V. im Kunstmuseum Bonn

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2

53113 Bonn


Since 1984 the Videonale Association organizes the biennial VIDEONALE – Festival for
Video and Time-Based Arts which, with its ambitious program of exhibition and festival
program, soon became one of the most important festivals for video and time-based arts in
Germany and Europe. Since 2005 the festival takes place at the Kunstmuseum Bonn as its
main location. To this day VIDEONALE festival has remained true to its founding principle
of casting light on the current trends in time-based arts and continues to focus on the
advancement of aspiring young artists, while also presenting established positions of video
During the time between the biennial VIDEONALE editions, the Videonale association
organizes workshops, lectures and screenings, as well as the yearly film series
VIDEONALE.scope. The association further tours its program as Videonale on Tour with
presentations at institutions worldwide.