MEET Digital Culture Center


Since 2023


viale Vittorio Veneto 2

20124 Milano


MEET is the Italian organization that supports digital culture and creative technology.
MEET was born out of Meet the Media Guru with the fundamental support of Fondazione Cariplo. The first partner is the platform of thoughts, ideas and events focused on innovation and digital technology the art critic and digital culture expert Maria Grazia Mattei founded in 2005; the second partner is one of the world’s main philanthropic organizations which aim is to help organizations to better serve their community and give ideas a future.
MEET delivers a massive plan of on life – on line and on site – activities that bring people to experience and embrace digital technology as a part of their daily life and a resource for their creativity.
Designed as a social-oriented institution, MEET collects, promotes and shares creative ideas and innovative projects to reflect on the digital transformation through the lens of culture and arts.
What does MEET do?
• MEET designs and organizes conferences, exhibitions, talks, workshops, public meetings, education activities and innovative services through multidisciplinary human-centric disruption;
• MEET encourages participatory innovation and thoughtful digitalization by involving families, professionals, young people, companies, public institutions and associations;
• MEET observes the emerging trends of innovation on a global scale and launch them in Italy through an intense program based on original contents, disruptive formats and processes;
• MEET promotes interdisciplinary projects at the crossing of art, science and technology to reflect on global and local challenges;
• MEET supports young digital talents to overcome the boundaries between disciplines and embrace creative technologies and aesthetics.