Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory


Since 2020


Slovenska 54

1000 Ljubljana


Founded in the mid-1990s, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory has been bringing together technology, art, science and social activism ever since. A community-minded meeting place for hackers, researchers and artists, Ljudmila runs a wide-ranging programme of activities, from supporting artists to facilitating open source software and DIY culture.

Currently, Ljudmila is primarily engaged in producing and promoting new artworks in the field of new media and AV art. It also runs a variety of educational programmes and workshops ranging from laser graffiti to live coding and is active in several international consortia supporting digital creativity. Ljudmila is working to proliferate open access and forming communities in the field of digital media and open-source technologies.

As of 2017, Ljudmila shares the 8th floor of a skyscraper in the centre of Ljubljana with two other NGOs, the Delak Institute and the Projekt Atol Institute. Together, they're running osmo/za, a multifunctional venue for new-media art and contemporary theatre.