Annelie Berner in collaboration with Monika Seyfried

Annelie Berner is an independent designer and researcher. In her work, she uses data visualisation, experience design and futurescaping to bridge science, academia and the public. She works on research topics that range from ethics of new technologies to climate science. She has won multiple honours in the Core77 Design Awards and has exhibited projects at the Smithsonian Museum, World Health Organisation, Red Bull Arts and Ars Electronica among others.

Monika Syfried is an interaction designer working in the fields of science, ethics and the future. Working at the intersection of new technologies, digital media and the natural environment, Monika Syfried creates sensory-rich, interactive spaces. She is passionate about creating immersive experiences; mixed reality worlds that merge the digital with the physical, working with a speculative mindset and experimenting with design approaches. Her recent work explores how design, art and science, particularly the field of biotechnology, can create immersive spaces for new futures.