SYSTEMS An EMAP group show curated by M Cult

September 29, 2023, 7:00 pm - December 3, 2023, 7:00 pm

Digital technologies, the global economy and climate change can be viewed as systems of different actors and their interactions. System thinking makes it possible to structure a complex reality. By creating models of phenomena, systems also produce methods to change reality. The artists in the exhibition want to reconfigure the world by deconstructing and reimagining the systems of the environment, society, technology and economy. The works offer glimpses of the present and possible futures through artistic research and digital media.

The artists in the exhibition:
Annelie Berner in collaboration with Monika Seyfried; Nicolas Gourault; Dasha Ilina in collaboration with Supisara Burapachaisri; Institute of Care (Vienne Chan, Tuukka Haapakorpi, Kaisa Karvinen and Tommi Vasko); Charlotte Jarvis in collaboration with Patricia Saragüeta; So Kanno in collaboration with Takemi Watanuki and Akihiro Kato; Sophea Lerner; Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner; Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis in collaboration with Valdemar Danry;; Caroline Sinders & Trammell Hudson; T(n)C (Agnes Varnai & Tina Kult); Total Refusal and Sheung Yiu.

SYSTEMS is curated by Minna Tarkka and Heidi Tikka and realized in collaboration with Vantaa Art Museum Arts. The exhibition runs from 29 September - 03 December, 2023.


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