Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis in collaboration with Valdemar Danry

Anna Pompermaier and Cenk Güzelis are directors of the new media driven artistic and architectural research studio Me AndOther Me, where they explore the future of our spatial experiences and communication through practical applications of speculative and theoretical approaches in social mixed reality experiences revolving around contemporary and online culture, post-human critique, the Internet of Things, and the spatial web. Anna Pompermaier and Cenk Güzelis are architects and educators at ./studio3, the Institute for Experimental Architecture of Innsbruck University, where they conduct practice-led research at the intersection of experimental architecture, contemporary art, and new media.

Valdemar Danry is a Researcher, Artist and Tech Humanist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With his background in philosophy of mind, neuroscience, extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence, he seeks to explore how the augmented body mediates our experiences of the world not just as something physical but as something which is "lived".



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