So Kanno, Akihiro Kato, Takemi Watanuki @ Prix Ars Electronica 2024

Photo: Sanja Bistricic

So Kanno, Akihiro Kato and Takemi Watanuki receive an Honorary Mention in the framework of this year´s Prix Ars Electronica. Their EMAP project Kazokutchi which was developed during their residency at Kontejner win an award in the category Interactive Art +.

The jury explains its decision as follows: "Kazokutchi delves into the persistent questions of life's origin, evolution, demise, and legacy in an era where the physical and digital increasingly intertwine. Using blockchain and robotics, the project simulates the life cycle of Kazokutchi NFTs, visualizing their evolution through cellular automaton-like patterns. These digital beings, showcasing diverse traits and interactions, are further manifested as physical robots inhabiting a simulated Tokyo. This interplay mirrors urban life and the city's post-pandemic adaptation, while also examining the concept of the unique world each being perceives. Kazokutchi is prompting a re-evaluation of the concept of life itself and the diverse Umwelten experienced within human society and beyond."


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