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Dellbrügge & de Moll

WAP-version of http://www.howdoyoufeel.de
Feelings are a pretty complex matter. Itís not always easy to understand what\'s going on inside of you. Feelings are triggered by chemicals, hormones, nutrition and the weather. Anger and fear are as much part of life as joy and bliss. Listen to your heart and let your feelings flow at http://www.howdoyoufeel.de
http://www.howdoyoufeel.de is the barometer of the world wide mood. Each entry is registered. A program checks the amount of positive and negative feelings, generates the dominant mood of the day as well as the emotional curve of the year.
Even if public space would disappear into the Net, the streets would be deserted and we would control our lives from our private cells, we would always stay connected due to our computers.

Source : http://www.virose.pt/links/projects2.html