Various Futures (2013)

Martin Keil & Henrik Mayer

In the framework of the Emare residency in Mexico City RG produced a video installation on the future prospects of young people in Mexico. It was presented at Transitio MX 05 Festival of Electronic Arts and Video at Centro Multimedia México D.F. One large projection shows young people on a stage expressing their plans for the future and talking about personal and social values that are important to them. Their performances are interjected by a jury that gives comments like in a casting show. The young people on stage and in the jury have various social backgrounds. They attend either public schools or private educational institutes but the video does not allow to identify them with one or another background. The second part of the installation is a monitor that shows an interview with the Mexican sociologist Gabriel Medina. He is commenting on the future plans of the young people and interprets their behaviour with regard to media culture, social status as well as life risks and chances.