V REAL (2024)


„Consider the possibility that all homes could be your home. VAPORS delivers real homes and real lives, always to your convenience.“
(VAPORS CEO statement)

The project V-REAL serves as a poignant critique of the relentless wholesale commodification of our domestic life, shedding light on its profound implications on housing markets and the unchecked monetization of our personal and intimate data. Through the ironic lens of the fictional rental service enterprise VAPORS, the project unveils a near-future scenario of unconventional living conditions, marked by the unbridled voracity of experience capitalism and the possibility of a complete domestic sell-out.

V-REAL offers a glimpse into a shifting domestic lifestyle exploring the tension between technology and intimacy, between voyeurism and empathy. Through a series of XR performances, an interactive and reflective dialogue is designed to critically ponder amongst the complexity of dwelling, belonging, and their mediation.