Two Days at the Falls (2015)

Isabell Spengler

Isabell Spengler, Two Days at the Falls (video still), 2015
Isabell Spengler, Two Days at the Falls (video still), 2015
© Isabell Spengler

In Two Days at the Falls, Isabell Spengler juxtaposes two identical 360-degree pan shots of the iconic Niagara Falls in a double projection. One of the shots was filmed when Spengler visited the falls for the first time and found them partially frozen. The other was made before her trip in a three-dimensional model that Spengler built in her studio and that represents a distillation of all the ideas and ascriptions from illustrations, texts, interviews, films and digital replicas that have contributed to her personal image of the place. In her juxtaposition of video images of the fictive and real Niagara Falls, Isabell Spengler examines the interaction between reality and imagination, between popular culture and private perception and between the monumental and the everyday in the context of the present ubiquity of media technologies.

Starring: Lucile Desamory
Cinematography & color correction: Till Beckmann
Stage hands: Clarissa Thieme, Juliane Zelwies, Markus Ruff
Sound recordists: Markus Ruff, Pedro Ferreira
Narrator: Lindy Annis
Sound mixing: Christian Obermaier
Music: "Satya", written and performed by: WOO – Clive and Mark Ives
Text: Excerpts from "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust

2 channel video installation, colour, sound, 22 min

Grant: February–March 2015, Images Festival (CA)