Rhone (2021)

Gil Delindro

Rhone © Gil Delindro
Rhone © Gil Delindro
Rhone © Gil Delindro
Rhone © Gil Delindro
Rhone © Gil Delindro
Rhone © Gil Delindro

Rhone is a project under development resulting from a 6-month Grant in Switzerland, La Becque. Rhone explores the symbiotic relation between Glacier erosion and sedimentary geologic formation. The starting point is a series of infrasound field recordings and video stills captured in the Ice tunnels of the Rhone Glacier. By using high sensibility hydrophones and sensors, these recordings have captured the Ice movement for three months. The Rhone was once the biggest Glacier of the Alps, being the main responsible for the geologic formation of Lac Leman and the surrounding alpine landscape. This project follows the connection between the retreating “Rhone Glacier” and “Genetti” - an industrial site that sits 100 kilometers after on the Rhone River.

The final part of the project was developed during the EMAP residency, creating a documental kinetic installation that uses the recorded infrasound vibrations to interact with Glacial sediment. From the melting process to the calving shock-waves, these events generate very low frequencies (often inaudible to humans). In this Gil Delindro transforms the infra-sound data into perceptible oscillations - a real-time moving landscape.

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