I'm home when I'm not (1997)

Szacsva y Pál

ⒸSzacsva y Pál

On the course of the action, Szacsva y Pál focused on the feeling of being at home in the flats of total strangers. He approached the residents of Hull, England on the telephone, in the street and other public spaces, asking them to let him in into their homes so that he could perform an everyday task of their suggestion there. (...) His activities were recorded on video by his hosts. In the installation, television sets positioned as traps showed in a loop video recordings of the moment of asking “permission for entry”. A separate, traditionally placed monitor displayed video recordings of the tasks performed in the flats. From each home he “visited,” he took an object of no value with him, which also became incorporated into the work. (P.Sz.)

Source : http://catalog.c3.hu/index.php?page=work&id=973&lang=EN

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