Grannies (2012)

Dina Rončević

Dina Rončević: Grannies, 2012
Dina Rončević: Grannies, installation view, 2012 © Wieland Krause

The video Grannies is Dina Rončević director’s debut for which the artist will produce three puppet characters by hand. In the movie trailer-like animated film clip two unconventional ladies will move into a conservative housing community. Their way of life brings their neighbourhood in an uproar. Dea is a textile designer full of creative outburst of colours and energy. Agarta is an out-of-this-world zen human that likes nature and numbers. Together they are confronted with Miss Hablek who is an oldfashioned bourgeoise with a burning desire to tie a wedding knot, with nothing better to do in her life than to watch soap operas. Subject to the conflict is a dowry chest, which arrives on Dea’s address. It represents certain material values for some inhabitants. For others the dowry chest is a possibility of a modern rethinking of property and value traditions. With her manual work on the props and characters of her animated film Rončević will also refer to a craftsmanship traditionally assigned to women. Therefore Rončević will exhibit a selection of handmade dolls next to the projection of the short film.