DUMP YOUR TRASH! & without_adresses (1997)

Joachim Blank & Karl Heinz Jeron

Ⓒ Joachim Blank & Karl Heinz Jeron

In the modern world, there is an over-abundance of information as a raw material for art. Working under the project name sero.org from 1997 to 2009, Blank & Jeron have been addressing the concept of information and the problems raised by information smog (or garbage) in the information economy, and have presented and developed their own information-recycling concepts. The duo's Internet projects 'without_addresses' (1997) and 'Dump Your Trash!' (1998) ironically blur the thin dividing line separating information from disinformation, and question the 'true' value of information in our society (whereby the German words for 'true' and 'merchandise' sound suspiciously alike). Customers of the home-page recycling service 'Dump Your Trash!' simply enter their Web address in the form provided, and are issued with an electronic collection note specifying a sero server address. There they find a counterfeit reproduction of the home page, now looking as if its components have been sculpted in porous, dark grey sandstone. Customers have the further option of ordering the stonemason production of marble or granite slabs inscribed with epitaphs and identical in appearance to the recycled home page.

Source : http://blankjeron.com/sero/dyt/