D i e d u r c h w e g u n g d e r h a u t (2002)

Lilian Jüchtern & Günter Eger


The colorful and theatrical Commedia dell'Arte - based on the interaction of traditional personas in improvised comical scenarios - is the starting point of this interactive, narrative web site and installation.

In a 3D environment, divided in three different worlds, the user explores conflicts and desires of the well-known archetypes of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte. The stories that are being revealed are depending on the actions of the user and the exchange of data in between the separate worlds: coffeeworld, waterworld and patternworld.

The visitor of a world is able to look into a different world over the shoulder of another visitor who is remaining in that other world at that time. The possibility to take the point of view from that user, is dependent on the status of the world close by at that time. When this remote world is not visited by a user, it is only possible to see its surface, the outside; when someone is in the world, the other user can look over his/her shoulder; when a video sequence is activated, it can be viewed.