Buildacode (2015)

Mónica Rikić

© Mónica Rikić

Buildacode is an experimental sound programming tool that integrates real objects into a visual programming environment to produce a real-time composition. To create the tool Mónica Rikić assigned different sound and control functions from synthesizers and sequencers to 24 color foam cubes. By selecting, turning and combining the cubes different instruments, for example, can be chosen, the volume can be adjusted and melodies are constructed. By means of a video projection it is possible to see which functions have been activated. Based on Kandinsky’s conviction that music is the best instructor, with Buildacode Rikić seeks to allow audiences with varying amounts of knowledge to experience the principles of sound programming in a playful manner and using different senses.

tangible sound programming tool

Grant: July–August 2014, Queensland University of Technology (AU)