T(n)C @ FACT´s 20th birthday celebrations

During their time in Liverpool, FACT´s residency artists 2022 T(n)C worked on Retraining Laziness, a video series produced in collaboration with sound artist M T Hall. The video series follows a conversation between a human worker and a malfunctioning robot as they discuss unhealthy production conditions and their own relationship to work and time.

As part of FACT´s 20th birthday celebrations this October, the residents return to Liverpool to present behind-the-scenes content from their commission. The screenings will take place in Studio/Lab, the new dedicated space for artists to experiment and develop their practice.

Additionally, T(n)C will show their performance Dreams Beyond the Grind for the first time at their residency host: Dreams Beyond the Grind is about two figures in golden work uniforms who sit on molten white plastic chairs and rest. They observe the activities around them, while their always closed eyes seem to gaze into the distance- until an alarm interrupts the tranquility, calling them back to work. The performance Dreams Beyond the Grind narrates a fleeting moment of silence, questioning what remains hidden beyond routine and the everyday grind.

The programme takes place on 21 October 2023, 12:00 - 16:00 at FACT in Liverpool.


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