EMAP Perspective #1 A group show @ gnration

EMAP Perspective 1 is the first group exhibition organised by gnration, which brings together five works developed under the EMAP residency programme. Seeking to promote the work of artists working in Media Art in Europe, this first exhibition features the installations Mosaic Virus by Anna Ridler, The Hidden Life of an Amazon User by Joana Moll, Learning from the commons by Stefan Laxness, Meditative Cohabitation by Studio Above&Below and Beyond Human Perception by uh513.

Through a video installation, Anna Ridler’s Mosaic Virus creates a parallel between the tulipomania of the 17th century and the current speculation around cryptocurrencies. The forms and colour of the tulips are controlled by the price of Bitcoin showing real time market fluctuations.
The Hidden Life of an Amazon User aims to shed light on the often unknown abuse and exploitation that Amazon exerts on its users. This project is based on Joana Moll’s experience when she decided to buy “The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success: The Journey, The Teachable Moments & 10 Rules for Success Cultivated from the Life & Wisdom of Jeff Bezos”.
Across Europe, a growing number of local communities are claiming the right to transform the landscape of the areas they live in for the benefit of the community. Learning from the commons, by Stefan Laxness acts as an atlas that registers some of these ecological actions conducted in Spain and Portugal.
Based on bioacoustic recordings and 3D scans of the Marais Wiels biotope, located in the heart of the Brussels cityscape, Meditative Cohabitation by Studio Above&Below, imagines communication between species through advanced technologies in the cities of the future.
Developed by the duo uh513, Beyond Human Perception is a video installation and garden that compares the reactions of humans and plants to a common stimulus: live music.

The exhibition takes place from 26 January until 27 April 2024 at gnration in Braga.


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