Studio Above & Below in collaboration with Yau Fan

Daria Jelonek,

Perry-James Sugden,

Studio Above&Below is a London based collaborative artist practice. The artist duo aims to push and use technology in critical ways to interact with and reveal hidden elements in the environment. As media artists, they are interested in computational systems and generative art using (live) data from different natural environments in order to give their environment a voice to express itself.
Over the last years they have created groundbreaking XR artworks using a variety of live data inputs, from EEG/EMG headset data, over to pollution data over to environmental visual data trained on neural networks to research the term of (digital) material ecology.
Studio Above&Below is particularly interested in how we will live in cities in the future with an increasing amount of technology and decreasing interactions with natural systems.

Yau Fan is an audio engineer in bioacoustics, noise musician, field recordist, naturalist (ornithologist, botanist, entomologist), and ecological sound designer based in Brussels. His primary focus is on restoration of the earth on a global scale. After working for 10 years as a sound engineer, label manager (Third Type Tapes), experimental musician and live coding performer (Exoterrism), he has switched his primary focus into landscape and permaculture design, and bioacoustics. In 2018 he has founded the open lab for bioacoustics in Brussels, and is collaborating with Myriam Lefebvre studying the communication of bees, partnered with the fungal lab for mycological experiments, and is part of the Fenetre Ovale, a Brussels based electroacoustic collective organising concerts and radio shows around the topic of species diversity, combining sound and biology.



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