Be my Guest @ The Future of Living Conference

December 8, 2023, 7:00 pm

At the intersection between art, architecture, and research, Be My Guest! A collective XR dinner event hosted by AI - and by EMAP artists Anna Pompermaier, Cenk Güzelis and Valdemar Danry - explores the spatial, cultural, and social relationships of design, new media technologies, and AI in one of the most common and oldest gathering rituals in our everyday lives: a dinner with friends where AI becomes the host, co-creator of the spatial experience, and co-author of the spatial menu. Every dish becomes a surreal experience, with AI co-designed objects staging the physical environment and hiding hybrid affordances yet to be discovered.

The project situates itself in the speculative future of living and proposes a mixed-reality dinner event, combining spatial storytelling, AI as a social companion, and posthuman theories to open a ground for discussion about the emerging socio-cultural role of artificial intelligent models and their integration through new media technologies in our everyday social scenarios for the future of our livable domains. What happens “when species meet”?

Be My Guest! A collective XR dinner event hosted by AI takes place in the framework of The Future of Living Conference on 08 December 2023 at iMAL Brussels.
The third edition of The Future of Living is not only an invitation for reflection and dialogue, but also for collective remodeling and action. Under the subtitle Human, All Too Human EUNIC, iMAL and BOZAR will be exploring, from dystopia to utopia, new narratives that turn the tide and break paradigms towards a positive techno-social change.


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