Adriana Knouf @ Indonesia UFO Festival 2024

Indonesia Space Science Society (ISSS) / HONF Foundation is EMAP´s actual international residency host organisation and at the same time host of the INDONESIA UFO FESTIVAL 2024, the festival for Space Science, SETI, UFO/UAP, Extra-Terrestrial, and Space Art in Yogyakarta.

Part of the festival is Adriana Knouf, EMAP artist in residence at ISSS. Her project „Astrolabes for Transitioning Times“ will explore the possibilities of creating an astrolabe for these transitioning times. Many of us have lost the skills of orientation to the earth and to the cosmos, bodily skills now left to digital devices. However, such practices of orientation were, in the ancient past, supported by analog calculators such as the astrolabe. Astrolabes were used throughout the world to tell the time of day, period of the year, positions of stars at night, and, within the Arabic parts of the world, times and directions of prayer, among other things. This contemporary analog astrolabe will be created to allow us to orient ourselves within these transitioning times.

The INDONESIA UFO FESTIVAL 2024 runs until 30 July 2024. Adriana Knouf´s exhibition opens on 19 July 2024 at IFI Gallery, a related performance will take place on 21 July at Kampung Alien.


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