Joana Moll


Joana Moll (ES)
My work critically explores the complex network of material and immaterial agents that come together to configure the Internet, from submarine and underground cables to interfaces, to surveillance, social profiling and privacy along with their environmental implications. My investigations strongly focuses on uncovering and analyzing the ambiguous relationship between networks, data, politics, economics, power and nature in the age of algorithmic governance. To achieve this purpose, I’m constantly developing and testing several experimental methodologies and critical pedagogical strategies to deeply analyze and deconstruct the physical pathways of information and the way governmental agencies and corporations take over networks and algorithms in order to surveil, profile, control and exploit millions of citizens on a daily basis along with the hidden environmental impacts of such complex processes.
The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User confronts us with the environmental footprint caused when buying a book on amazon. com. Up to 87.33Mb of information is activated to go through the 12 pages when buying a book, all used for tracking customer behaviour to increase business revenues.

Shown at:

The Sound of One Computer Thinking - IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture - 30 Oct-22 Dec 2019

Reviewed in:

"Op Impakt kun je luisteren naar het giechelen van een rat", NRC, 1 November 2019
(in Dutch, a translation can be found via this link)

EMAP/EMARE grants of Joana Moll

Impakt (2019)