KRAFLA (2020)

Konrad Korabiewski

Konrad Korabiewski photo by Takeshi Moro
© Anna Friz
© Anna Friz
© Anna Friz

This work is an audiovisual concert and installation by 18 boreholes and 1 Geothermal power plant.
It is also a live electro-acoustic performance composed primarily from field recordings from the Krafla Geothermal power plant and the surrounding region, located in a volcanic caldera in the north of Iceland. The concert will be accompanied by a single-screen projection of a digitalised monochrome 16mm film and a photo montage from the Krafla area.

The Krafla power plant includes numerous deep boreholes to access steam and geothermal springs; the top of each borehole is enclosed in a geodesic structure and connected to a network of pipelines that take steam and water to the different parts of the power plant. Each of these boreholes has a very individual character depending on the age and depth of the installation, and as such function as a kind of industrial musical instrument with its own personality. The evaporation processes and power turbines also produce an intense density of sound. These industrial infrastructures are set in the context of the Caldera’s land and weather, prone to intense winds and heavy fog. Krafla seeks to explore the relationships between these human and extra-human forces.

Krafla is currently a work in progress.

KRAFLA @ Soundcloud

The Project emerges from The New York Times Magazine fall 2018 “Sonic Voyages Issue” focusing on travel to parts of the world based on sonic attractions or properties featured soundscapes from 11 sites around the world including Iceland with field recordings by Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski.

Field audio recordings: Anna Friz & Konrad Korabiewski initially recorded as part of commission for NYT Magazine, Sonic Voyages Issue 9.22.18

Presentation photos: Anna Friz
Project concept, music and realisation in 2020/2021: Konrad Korabiewski

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KRAFLA (2020)
KRAFLA (2020)
KRAFLA (2020)
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